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Scott I. Barr DDS

Scott I. Barr, DDS

Scott I. Barr DDS


  • University of Florida
  • Emory University


  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • Florida Dental Association
  • Ft. Lauderdale Study Club
  • Broward County Dental Association
  • Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic

Dr. Barr realized when he was six years old that he wanted to be a dentist. But it was by accident.

Pushed by another boy, Dr. Barr fell face forward against the edge of a table. One of his front teeth popped out. Rushed to a dentist's office, the tooth was reinserted, but it never properly re-rooted.

Nonetheless, the experience shaped the direction of his future career. The son of a family physician, Dr. Barr was naturally inclined to follow a path toward medicine, and steered into dentistry. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1979 and earned a doctor of dental surgery from Emory University in Atlanta in 1983.

While at Emory, one of the nation's leading dentists offered to permanently repair his damaged front tooth in an instructional operating theater before hundreds of practicing physicians. Dr. Barr agreed, and now smiles with complete assurance that no one can tell which tooth was replaced. He enjoys helping his patients achieve a similar feeling.


Upon graduation, Dr. Barr was offered space by his father in his medical practice office. He opened his practice in 1983 on Oakland Park Boulevard in a room down the hall from where his father saw patients. The father and son practiced together until 1994, when Dr. Barr moved his practice to the current location in Plantation.


When patients sit in one of Dr. Barr's seven dental chairs, they can expect an often enjoyable experience. Engaging and light-hearted, Dr. Barr has an easy rapport with children, teens and adults. His stories and jokes overlay a serious and professional mind that immediately diagnoses patients' dental problems. Check ups are quick. Treatment is painless and efficient. He uses a small video camera to show patients what is going on inside their mouths, and explains the course of treatment that is needed.


Dr. Barr is conservative in his treatment philosophy and caring about his patients. This means that he'll figure out the most cost effective way to solve your dental problem. He will talk to you about it first, then offer options.

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